Wednesday, December 31, 2008

People can be so sleazy sometimes...

Let me set the scene:
Our house has been on the market for 3 weeks and we had 2 offers on the house already. Our first offer was a contingency offer and our second we just finished negotiating Monday night. Our first offer has 72 hours to decide if they want to take the contingency off the table and move forward. Mrs. First Offer says she wants to proceed but wants the Navy husband to take a look at our house on Friday. If Mr. first Offer says no then it goes back to Mr. Second offer. So either way we were almost in the final phase….
But Mr. Second offer is a sleaze ball and didn't sign on one of his spots he was supposed to sign on, no big deal, happens a lot, send it back. Well now Mr. Second offer is pulling out cause he didn't want to wait and see what would happen with Mr and Mrs. First Offer. And Mr. Second Offer is saying that he wasn't in a legal contract since he didn't sign on one of the spots. Indeed he's already put a different offer on another house.Slimey is the word that comes to mind.
And sleazy too....

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