Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We have been living with friends a long time (since the last week of January), while waiting for our house to sell in Hawaii. Ten, or so, years ago, I would have been on the phone with the Realtor every other day trying to figure out what was happening. What I could do to speed up the process. What I could control.

Now, at this point of my life, I've been content to wait. To not talk about it every day. To be content where I am. To just be. To be at peace.

Thank you LORD for that peace.

We rode a little roller coaster this last weekend when the escrow officer thought we would close on the house this week, only to find out on Tuesday that it wouldn't be for another 2 weeks or so. I almost wanted to jump on the roller coaster permanently and start obsessing over every detail and getting stressed out. But I'm choosing to step off. The house in Hawaii will sell, eventually. And we will purchase this great house here in Washington, eventually. But until then, I'm going to relax ,hang out, enjoy the ride, and just peace.

By the way - Have I mentioned how extremely thankful I am for the friends that let us just live with them??? They are awesome! And hey after living with each other for 3+ months we are all still friends, praise GOD!

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  1. Good Luck, and stay strong. What AWESOME friends to let you stay with them!!