Thursday, May 7, 2009

Visit to California, part 1

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  1. Angelina,
    As a parent we can't help thinking what a blessing to have such wonderful children; Angelina & Christine! God has truly blessed us as a family in the Lord. All of our prayers have been heard and He is still with us. These little ones are being raised in an environment that includes God on a daily basis and it shows in their respectful attitude towards others. Angelina you have been such a wonderful example of a daughter, mother, wife, and a friend I pray that God will give you a long life in helping praise His name. By your unselfish example to help others. Your dad & I as parents couldn't be happier to call you our sister in Christ as well. Again, we are so blessed and wanted you to know how we felt. May God continue to bless you and Allen as you serve Him. Happy Mother's Day a little early. We love you dearly. Mom & Dad