Friday, July 10, 2009

Fellowship, fellowship, fellowship

DH and I sure enjoy gathering with our church family. We've had multiple opportunities lately too. :)

We had 59 people join us a few Friday's ago to eat dinner together and sing praise songs. Let me just say how awesome it was to have 59 people in this house, singing. The kids mostly sat in the middle of the room with all of the adults encircling them. The kids sang their little hearts out as well as the adults. What a memory for each of my children to tuck away into their hearts.

We also were able to host our friends from Hawaii. He is in the Air Force and had about a month of leave. Part of it he used to help at church camp on Oahu and then they headed here. They were here part of their time and also over in Montana. The time that they were able to spend here was so awesome. We enjoyed hosting them immensely! We played cards, ate good food, went to a water park together, played XBOX, and just enjoyed each other's company. We are sure going to miss them!

While they were here we celebrated Independence Day. We were pretty beat from going to the water park so we stuck close to home. At the last minute we ended up at a neighbor's house (friends that we also go to church with). Wow! Such a generous heart these friends have. We had such a good time playing games, eating great food (homemade marshmellows, anyone?) and of course lighting fireworks.

Yesterday I was able to fellowship again with a couple of moms and a whole bunch of kids! Each of the 4 mothers had extra kids. Nieces, Nephews and friends. They all loved being able to look at the animals together. They played hard and slept even harder last night.

What would I do without my church family? I am so happy to have them here on this side of eternity and know that eternity with them will be sweet too!

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