Monday, August 17, 2009

Great Vacation!

We've had a great vacation.

We started back on July 18th with our niece Kayla coming to visit for a week. We had a really good time with her. We mostly just hung out although we did venture into Seattle so we could go to the EMP. They were having an exhibit about Jim Hensen. Wow he had an amazing mind.

We drove down to California and went straight to DH's family's house. We were able to see his parents, both of his sibs and all of their kids. There is still something so amazing about his connection with biological family. He didn't grow up with them but they are a great part of his life!

We left their house and went onto my parents', but quickly had to leave and go to see DH's adoptive mom. She is older and very ill. It was a hard visit, but we were still so happy to have seen her.

Back at my parents' house we spent time with them, my sister and her two kiddos even came over for a couple of days.

We headed from there with just L to a 3 day christian concert in Monterey July 29-31. We met up there with some awesome friends. What a great time we had praising our Jesus. Our daughter L had a blast!

Then came camp, Aug 3-8. We were both teaching at the camp went to as kids. While L was a camper the other kids were pre-campers. It was up near Yosemite and it was a beautiful week! What a great week to just focus on Christ and how he knows all of the pieces of our lives and how they fit together. HE has a great plan for me and I do enjoy seeing how it all fits together.

We met up with the L family after camp for a weekend in San Jose. We all had a nice weekend playing and relaxing. We were able to celebrate L's 10th birthday since it had passed while we were at camp. We worshipped with the Campbell Church of Christ in San Jose. A lovely congregation of enthusiastic worshippers.

We left for San Diego Monday, August 10th with the L family but without each of our husbands. They had to work and we wanted to go and play int he we did :)

We beached it a few times, went to the Wild Animal Park and visited Legoland too. This weekend we relaxed a fair bit. We went to worship with the North County C of C, saw DJ an old friend. We even were able to squeeze in a new movie, "Ponyo", which was great. Today we will be washing clothes and packing up, getting ready to leave bright and early for Seattle tomorrow. We are going to try and make it a little fun on the way up. We will stop and see at least one mission and also see the redwoods too....It has been a great vacation but whew....I can't wait to get home to my own bed! And I totally miss my DH too!


  1. yes sounds like the last month of our life. Too fun! Loved hearing all about it!

  2. You've been busy! Glad it was a blessed trip!