Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Busy Weekend and Settling In

Friday we had so many fun friends come to visit us over at bibliomom's house where we are camping out for several weeks. We have to wait for the houses to settle and for our belongings to arrive from Hawaii. We ended Friday evening with dinner with some awesome friends. Saturday the husbands watched the all 6 kids while bibliomom and I headed out to the yarn store. I leaned to knit! Woah, that was fun so I got some yarn and got to knitting myself a new scarf (of course). We headed over to the Annual Chili Cook-Off for our old church where we were able to see lots of friends. Sunday felt so good....worship, class and lunch with friends at Red Robin. Monday we got over to the library. The kids were so happy to see the library. I'll have to write later and tell you about our huge grocery shopping trip we did last night...whew...shopping for 10 people is a lot of work!

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  1. Man, shopping for a housefull of ten people does sound like a bit of a mission! Good luck!