Friday, February 13, 2009

In a land far, far away

...there lived a beautiful princess.

She stayed with friends while her parents had some work to accomplish. She played with her friend, a true friend that she hadn't seen in along time, all day long. And she stayed up too late and didn't get enough rest. And, as any good princess would do, she had a melt down. She cried for her parents, but they were too far to come and rescue her. The princess wants to be happy. She wants to be sweet.

If she could only figure out how....

How do you stay happy when the people who are usually there to help you stay calm are gone? How do you stay sweet when everything about your life is very topsy-turvy?

She is still in a land far, far away from me and I need you all to pray for her. You see there are people that look at Twin B and think, she's an average girl with average emotions and yet they are wrong. She is special, that girl. God made her that way and in her heart she wants to fit the idea of what a good girl is, but her emotions, well they win far more often than she wishes. And our dear friends are watching her and frankly, I'm not sure they ever really knew that Bekah was special in this way. She can really hold it together for about 24 hours. Putting on her best face. Staying sweet when she wants to melt down. But we are on day 4 now and she is tired.

So please pray for her.
Pray for our friends as they care for her.
Pray for me as I sit on the other side of the ocean, praying.

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